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Updates for Platzrunden.txt.

Platzrunde.The public domain in Germany knows a phenomenon called platzrunden.txt ('Airport rounds', so: traffic circuits). It's open for all to use, and describes the exact layout of many of the airport traffic circuits in Germany. EasyVFR will display these on the moving map, so it becomes very clear where you're expected when approaching a German airport. The complete, up-to-date file is included in the latest EasyVFR software and not offered here for download. So if you're an EasyVFR user, you do NOT need these updates. We'll include them for you!

Our thanks to our friend Mr. Wolfgang Scheller, who has taken it upon himself to verify, update and maintain all of these circuit descriptors!


The latest updates made to Platzrunden.txt.

Here's a list of all the updates for Platzrunden.txt, ordered by airport ICAO. Again, EasyVFR users don't need any of these; we'll supply you with a full version.


General Aviation.

  ICAO Airport Last modified
 EDABBautzen16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDAJGera Leumnitz16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDAPNeuhausen16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDARPirna-Pratzschwitz16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDASFinsterwalde Heinrichsruh16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDATNardt16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDAVEberswalde Finow16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDAXMueritz Airpark16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDAZSchoenhagen16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBEBrandenburg Muehlenfeld16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBHBarth16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBJJena Schoengleina16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBNNeubrandenburg16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBRRothenburg Goerlitz16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBVStralsund16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDBXGoerlitz16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDCEEggersdorf16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDCGRuegen16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDCJChemnitz Jahnsdorf16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDCMKamenz16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDCPPeenemuende16DEC2019 12:50:27z
 EDCYWelzow16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDEFBabenhausen06JAN2020 14:00:18z
 EDEGGotha Ost16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDENBad Hersfeld16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDEPHeppenheim16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDFBReichelsheim16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDFLGiessen Lutzellinden16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDFPMoerlen16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDFTLauterbach16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDFXHockenheim16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGEEisenach Kindel16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGFFulda Jossa16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGHHettstadt16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGIIngelfingen16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGMMosbach Lohrbach16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGTBottenhorn16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGWWolfhagen Graner Berg16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDGXWalldorf16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDHAAhlhorn16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDHDGoettingen-Heilbad16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDHFItzehoe Hungriger Wolf16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDHMHartenholm16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDHSStade16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDHWWahlstedt16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDJGGrabenstaett16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDKBBonn-Hangelar16DEC2019 12:50:28z
 EDKDAltena Hegenscheid16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDKRSchmallenberg Rennefeld16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDLDDinslaken-Schwarze Heide16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDLJDetmold16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDMGGuenzburg16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDMIIllertissen16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDMKKempten16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDMPVilsbiburg16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDMSStraubing16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDNFElsenthal Grafenau16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDNHBad Woerishofen16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDNONoerdlingen16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDNSSchwabmuenchen16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDNTTreuchlingen Bubenheim16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDOAAuerbach16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDOGTorgau16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDONNeuhardenberg16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDOTGreiz-Obergrochlitz16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDOVStendal Borstel16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDOXRenneritz16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDPCBad Endorf Jolling16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDPHSchwabach Buechenbach16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDPIMoosburg auf der Kippe16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDPUBartholomae-Amalienhof16DEC2019 12:50:29z
 EDQABamberg Breitenau16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDQBBad Windsheim16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDQGGiebelstadt16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDQKKulmbach16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDQYCoburg Steinruecken16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDREMendig16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDRHHoppstaetten-Weiersbach16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDRKKoblenz Winningen16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDRNNannhausen16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDRPPirmasens16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDRTTrier Foehren16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSEGoeppingen Bezgenriet16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSGGrabenstetten16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSOGruibingen Nortel16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSRStahringen16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSTHahnweide16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSVWaechtersberg16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDSWAltdorf Wallburg16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDTBBaden Oos16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDTGBremgarten16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDTKSinsheim16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDTMMengen Hohentengen16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDTYSchwaebisch-Hall16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDUA Stechow Ferchesar16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDUWTutow16DEC2019 12:50:30z
 EDUZZerbst16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVABad Gandersheim16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVCCelle-Arloh16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVFBlomberg Borkhausen16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVHHodenhagen16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVLHoelleberg16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVMHildesheim16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDVSSalzgitter Druette16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWCDamme16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWFLeer-Papenburg16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWGWangerooge16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWHOldenburg Hatten16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWNNordhorn Lingen16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWOOsnabrueck Atterheide16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWPWiefelstede Conneforde16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWSNorden Norddeich16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWTBlexen16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWVVerden-Scharnhorst16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDWZBaltrum16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDXAAchmer16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDXBHeide-Buesum16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDXDBohmte-Bad Essen16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDXFFlensburg Schaeferhaus16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDXLBarssel16DEC2019 12:50:31z
 EDXRRendsburg Schachtholm16DEC2019 12:50:32z


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