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Welcome at the NavFarm!

Global AeroData.An ongoing task for the PocketFMS Foundation is maintaining the AeroData. AeroData tells PocketFMS, EasyVFR, AirspaceAVOID and a variety of 3rd party EFIS' where airports are located, what facilities they have, where all the airspaces are, etc.

Without reliable data, things quickly become dangerous! Therefore, our Airmarshals work continuously to keep the AeroData as up-to-date and error-free as possible. These experts have intimate local knowledge of the region(s) they maintain. All of them are involved in operational aviation, either as pilots, air traffic controllers or both.

Then there's NavFarm2: the array of PocketFMS servers that handles all AeroData operations. Besides sticking to the international 28-day AIRAC Master Cycle, it also produces Intermediate Cycles in 2-hour intervals for PocketFMS Desktop. A change in the AeroData can therefore be used on your machines within a few hours after it was made! All mutations are logged by NavFarm and can always be traced back to the responsible person.

  NavFarm's current status:
  Intermediate AeroData cycle 201611.0179 is now available for download.
(In PocketFMS Desktop, select Internet | AeroData | Download Intermediate AeroData).
  No builds are currently running.

Reporting AeroData omissions & additions.

If you find an inconsistency in the AeroData you are strongly invited to contact the Airmarshal for the region via the [Contact an Airmarshal] button on the left. Smaller issues can often be resolved very quickly, larger issues may take longer, but rest assured we very much value your constructive input - as do your fellow pilots!

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